Welcome to Sims 4 Rent! Here you will find custom content for The Sims™ 2 inspired by the musical RENT. This will be an ongoing project for quite a while, so be sure to check back often! Updates will be posted as new items are finished and made available for download. For your convenience, you can sign up to be notified when there are new additions. Learn more about what the Sims 4 Rent project entails here.


Where has the time gone?!

Happy New Year, everyone. Somehow I had no idea that it had been almost a year since I posted an update. I want to apologize to anyone I left hanging, and give a quick status update... read more

How Do You Measure...

12 years of RENT? No new downloads yet, but I feel like the announcement of RENT's closing this June warrants an update... read more

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Newest Downloads

Striped Sweater Outfit (stage)

Up Next

This is based on what I am currently working on, and is subject to change.

  • Clothing for Benny is next on the list - he's the only one who doesn't have any yet!