Downloads: Angel: Black Bob Wig (movie)


Angel's famous black bob wig. This is the plain version (without the flower) from the movie.

Includes: Hair only

Category in game: Genetics > Hair > Custom
Gender: Male

Ages: Young Adult, Adult, Elder

  • The hair is currently not animated the way normal Maxis hair is, but since I have recently read about a fix for that I hope to post an updated animated version soon.
  • This behaves like a normal hairstyle and not a wig, so it remains the same no matter what the Sim is doing. I'm working on a version that would appear as the black bob when the Sim is dressed, and change to Angel's out-of-drag hairstyle when the Sim is sleeping, showering, etc. (It would work the same way as current Maxis hairstyles that have a hat attached.)

Additional Credits: None

Also Pictured but NOT Included (additional screenshots below):



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PRS4R_BlackBob_061006.rar (77.93KB)