Downloads: Angel: Wilson's Eyebrows


Wilson's natural eyebrows - these are an alternative to the Angel eyebrows that come with the Angel Sim.

Includes: Eyebrows only (new mesh plus black and gray recolors)

Category in game: Facial Hair, Makeup & Glasses > Glasses
(the thumbnail will show the default Sim head, but if you hold your cursor over the icon it will say 'Wilson Jermaine Heredia' or 'Wilson Jermaine Heredia (gray)')
Gender: Male

Ages: Young Adult, Adult, Elder

  • These were created as an accessory rather than actual eyebrows because the shape of Wilson's real eyebrows is so different from his tweezed Angel brows - by making them an accessory, Wilson's eyebrows are not distorted by the Sim's facial shape and brow arch.
  • Two recolors are included - black for young adult and adult, and gray for elder. The eyebrows will not automatically change when the Sim ages - you will have to change accessories.
  • Can be worn at the same time as other accessories

Additional Credits: None

Also Pictured but NOT Included (additional screenshots below):



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