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In honor of December 2 being the anniversary of the first time I saw the movie, I decided to make RENT shirts. How do you measure a year? In RENT, of course!

Includes: Each file contains a recolor for the gender indicated in the file name

Category in game:
  • Female: Clothing > Everyday > Top
  • Male: Clothing > Everyday > Whole

Genders: Male, Female

Ages: Young Adult, Adult

  • The RENT logo is on the front, and 'NO DAY BUT TODAY' is printed on the back
  • These are recolors of Maxis clothing, so there is no new mesh to download. The female shirt is a top only, while the male shirt is a whole outfit including jeans, just because that's the way Maxis already had their t-shirts categorized.
  • Shirts for other ages to follow!

Additional Credits: None

Also Pictured but NOT Included (additional screenshots below):



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COLOR_PRS4R_RENTshirtFemale_120206.rar (115.1KB)
COLOR_PRS4R_RENTshirtMale_120206.rar (515.51KB)