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After I posted Angel's blue nail polish, many people expressed interest in a version that is available for all ages/genders, as well as more recolors. This is a new mesh that works for both males and females, ages child through elder. There are also 11 recolors available, including black, which was a popular request.

I've listed each of the recolor files separately so people can choose (don't forget to download the mesh also if you do this - it is the second-to-last file, and you only need to download it once regardless of how many recolors you choose), but if you'd like them all the last file includes all 11 colors plus the mesh for your convenience.

Even if you downloaded Angel's blue nail polish here, you will still need to download this new mesh in order for any of these recolors to work. The mesh has a new name, so it won't overwrite the other version.

  • Each recolor file contains the color specified in the file name
  • The MESH file contains the mesh only
  • The last file contains all 11 recolors plush the mesh

Category in game: Facial Hair, Makeup & Glasses > Glasses
(the thumbnail will show the default Sim head, but if you hold your cursor over the icon it will say 'Sims4Rent Nail Polish Recolor:' plus the color name - for example, 'Sims4Rent Nail Polish Recolor: Red')
Genders: Male, Female

Ages: Child, Teen, Young Adult, Adult, Elder

  • Can be worn at the same time as other accessories
  • Stays on the Sim at all times, including showering and swimming
  • There was also interest in a longer version of the nails, so I will work on that in the near future
  • I don't mind if people make recolors of these as long as you do not redistribute the mesh or use them for anything Rent-related. Please link people back to this page so they can download the original mesh themselves. If you do recolor, I'd love to see what you've made!
  • Feel free to request other recolors; if there are enough, I will put them together in a second set

Additional Credits: None

Also Pictured but NOT Included (additional screenshots below):



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Click on a file name to begin downloading. For instructions and other help, check the download General Info.

COLOR_PRS4R_NailPolishBlue_073106.rar (15.73KB)
COLOR_PRS4R_NailPolishDkPink_073106.rar (16.7KB)
COLOR_PRS4R_NailPolishPink_073106.rar (14.76KB)
COLOR_PRS4R_NailPolishWhite_073106.rar (13.7KB)
COLOR_PRS4R_NailPolishGreen_073106.rar (15.77KB)
COLOR_PRS4R_NailPolishRed_073106.rar (14.81KB)
COLOR_PRS4R_NailPolishFrench_073106.rar (15.78KB)
COLOR_PRS4R_NailPolishOrange_073106.rar (15.94KB)
COLOR_PRS4R_NailPolishDkRed_073106.rar (15.12KB)
COLOR_PRS4R_NailPolishPurple_073106.rar (16.02KB)
COLOR_PRS4R_NailPolishBlack_073106.rar (15.06KB)

ALL_PRS4R_NailPolish_073106.rar (187.51KB)

MESH_PRS4R_NailPolish_073106.rar (24.47KB)