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Long nails with many nail polish recolors available. See the thumbnails for previews of each recolor set.

This is a new mesh - even if you downloaded the nail polish mesh for short nails, you will need this new mesh in order for any of the recolors on this page to work.

  • Each recolor file contains the color specified in the file name
  • The last file in each subgroup contains the full set of recolors for that group (you will still need to download the mesh separately)
  • The MESH file contains the mesh only

Category in game: Facial Hair, Makeup & Glasses > Glasses
(the thumbnail will show the default Sim head, but if you hold your cursor over the icon it will say 'ShadyLady482's Long Nails' plus the color name - for example, 'ShadyLady482's Long Nails: Red')
Genders: Male, Female

Ages: Child, Teen, Young Adult, Adult, Elder

  • You can adjust the shape and length of the nails by editing the alpha .bmp file. (See the last thumbnail for examples - the middle nail shows the maximum length of the mesh, and the other two show differently shaped tips.)
  • Can be worn at the same time as other accessories
  • Stays on the Sim at all times, including showering and swimming
  • Slightly reflective
  • I don't mind if people make recolors of these as long as you do not redistribute the mesh or use them for anything Rent-related. Please link people back to this page so they can download the original mesh themselves. If you do recolor, I'd love to see what you've made!
  • Feel free to request other colors/designs for future recolor sets

Additional Credits: None

Also Pictured but NOT Included (additional screenshots below):



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Click on a file name to begin downloading. For instructions and other help, check the download General Info.

COLOR_PRS4R_NailPolishLongPink_091306.rar (27.51KB)
COLOR_PRS4R_NailPolishLongBlack_091306.rar (18.4KB)
COLOR_PRS4R_NailPolishLongFrench_091306.rar (31.19KB)
COLOR_PRS4R_NailPolishLongBlue_091306.rar (28.46KB)
COLOR_PRS4R_NailPolishLongOrange_091306.rar (27.44KB)
COLOR_PRS4R_NailPolishLongPurple_091306.rar (28.82KB)
COLOR_PRS4R_NailPolishLongGreen_091306.rar (26.42KB)
COLOR_PRS4R_NailPolishLongYellow_091406.rar (29.87KB)
COLOR_PRS4R_NailPolishLongWhite_091306.rar (23.81KB)
COLOR_PRS4R_NailPolishLongRed_091306.rar (24.28KB)
COLOR_PRS4R_NailPolishLongDarkRed_091306.rar (22.18KB)
COLOR_PRS4R_NailPolishLongDarkPink_091306.rar (28.55KB)

SOLIDS_PRS4R_NailPolishLong_091306.rar (310.73KB)

MESH_PRS4R_NailPolishLong_090906.rar (32.7KB)