About Sims 4 Rent

As a devoted Renthead and a big fan of The Sims 2, I was excited to discover that I might be able to combine the two. It started out innocently enough: I thought I'd attempt to recreate Angel's floral skirt outfit. Little did I know just how many levels there are in the process of creating these things, depending on how much you want to customize them. Since I'm very interested in design and computer graphics anyway, I decided to go the whole nine yards... several tutorials, much trial and error, and countless hours later, I figured I might as well turn this into a full-scale project. If all goes well, my plan is to eventually recreate all of the characters and their outfits, from both the movie and stage versions. This will be a very gradual process, as I'm trying to be as detailed as possible... plus there's that silly thing called 'work' that gets in the way. :)

I was really surprised at the lack of Rent-related Sims 2 stuff out there, since there seems to be just about everything else you could think of. I have seen several requests for such items though, so hopefully this will help. I've probably already put more time into this than any sane person should, but being able to share it with other appreciative fans makes it more than worth it. Plus I've truly learned a lot, so I can't complain. I hope you enjoy everything here as much as I enjoyed making it, and feedback is much appreciated!

When I get the chance, I'll add a master list so people can see everything I've got in mind and let me know if I'm missing anything.

Thank you for your interest, and have fun!